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In sad news for fans of pop-culture inspired classroom decor, Californian teacher Adrian Perez has been forced to take down the Yeezy-themed decorations he created for his fourth grade classroom, after a barrage of complaints were made by parents to school administrators.

Perez spent an entire month decorating the classroom with G-rated Kanye lyrics and imagery, which includes some really clever integration of Yeezy-isms. The door welcomed students to “The Good Life”, while a wall was dedicated to encouraging students to become “Math Monsters”. A birthday wall declared “It’s a Celebration!”, while classroom paper monitors were listed under a sign saying “New Job Flow”. The Student of the Month wall declared simply “I’m Amazing”, while the creative writing wall was headed by a sign saying “Story of a Champion”.

“I’m the biggest Kanye West fan!” Perez told Team Kanye Daily when asked why he chose Kanye as a theme for his classroom. “I felt my idea was innovative… I want to be the Kanye West of teaching.”

Yeezy’s lyrics are actually pretty good fodder for empowering and inspiring self-confidence in young minds. Phrases such as “I’m amazing” are exactly the type of thing fledgeling young minds need to hear, in order to prepare themselves for the competetive world of fifth grade and beyond.

Check out some of the photos of the classroom in the gallery above- complete with MBDTF-era Yeezy red colour palette, and the old-school Dropout Bear mascot.

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