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Weekly updates

In a move that finally lets emoji reflect real life, Apple have released 300 new emoji along with their latest system update iOS 8.3.

Their latest system update also includes a redesigned emoji keyboard and options for different skin tones as well as emoji for same sex families and 32 new flags (including Australia, finally).

The new emoji won’t be available to you unless you update your device. To update, you need to have your device connected to power and wifi then navigate to, Settings > General > Software Update, and wait for the emoji flood to carry you into the future of communication.

All you need to do to from there to access the new skin tone options is hold down on your selected emoji and choose the tone you desire.

Along with the new characters, the default emoji colour has changed to a Simpsons-esque yellow which intends to imply no specific race. It’s a move that’s in line with Google’s non-human emoji library.

If you aren’t updated to ios 8.3, you won’t get to see the beautiful new emoji, you will just see the original version or a slightly unnerving alien head inside a square so if you try to flex to your non-updated friends, you’re probs just going to creep them out.

Emojipedia has a complete list of changes available here.


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