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Weekly updates

Here’s an all-consuming and totally frustrating way to spend your time. Two developers/college students/buddies have hacked Pokémon Red/Blue, synced it up with a continuous internet live stream of their dorm’s pet fish, Greyson Hopper, and have caused an alarming amount of people to fall into a k-hole of procrastination as Greyson’s movements control the Pokémon game. Now if you think this sounds totally unpredictable and impossibly slow-moving, you would be correct. Despite ‘playing’ for over 135 hours, Greyson (who, I suspect, is a Siamese fighting fish) has only caught one Pokémon, a Charmander he named AAAABBK but has managed to survive its first battle. At time of writing, Greyson appeared to be sleeping, even though many in the chat room were incredibly concerned for his welfare. I’m not too worried about Greyson though, as a child my fish tank had a very high goldfish turnover, so I can tell a dead fish when I see one. I’m sure lil’ homie will be back on the mission soon enough, though he still did have me like…


Check the live stream here.