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The hunt for El Chapo is continuing with new resilience as the American Drug Enforcement Agency has revealed that it is working with international authorities in the search for Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman—and they’re even recruiting Australian expertise in the process. The DEA has also enlisted the talents of European and Central American agencies.

DEA deputy administrator Jack Riley acknowledges that the tracking down El Chapo will not be easy, saying, “The hunt for him is a marathon, not a sprint.”

“We learned when we grabbed him the first time that it wasn’t easy, so obviously it’s kind of a cat and mouse game for us now.

The international drug kingpin who has been described as the Osama bin Laden of drug trafficking controls drug distribution networks across the United States, Mexico, Brasil, Central Europe and Australia.

Despite the views of authorities, El Chapo is a beloved figure among some Mexicans and Mexican-Americans, who see him as a folk hero, akin to Robin Hood. 

Guzman escaped from a high security Mexican jail on July 11 by a tunnel that was dug underneath the facility and hasn’t been seen since. He was first captured in the 1990s and escaped from prison in 2001, by hiding in a laundry cart. He was in hiding for 13 years, until February 2014 when he was captured by Mexican authorities and placed in a high security prison.


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