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Amarist, a creative studio from Barcelona, have unveiled a work of art that would look pretty perfect in the living room of anyone who is into minimalist decor (and spending money fast). As part of their Too Much? series, the team have created coffee table with a concrete base, glass tabletop structure, and inbuilt (real-life) flame that flickers above a smouldering pile of money. Okay, so the stacks of euro bills might be fake but the fire is definitely real and the idea of combustible cash is even realer (for some of us). While the design probably won’t be hitting the mass market any time soon, it’s a surefire (ha) conversation piece and certainly achieves Amarist’s goal of creating an “artwork [that] gives place to a generous coffee table, characterized [sic] by its colossal visual power, able to stimulate the viewer to deep thoughts.” Take a closer look at the coffee table above and risk the possibility of questioning every unnecessary expense of your life.

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Weekly updates