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A group of young bearded hipsters, the Swedish arm of the group ‘Bearded Villains’ got more visitors to their meeting than expected when two officers investigating terrorism were called down by ‘concerned locals’.

The ‘Bearded Villains’, a group with branches all over the world, are well known for extravagant facial hair and continuous charity work. The members of the group dress in suits and sunglasses and resemble a crowd you’d see at a trendy bar in Brunswick or Fitzroy on a summer day.  A group of around 30 of the members had met at the Brahehus ruins for a photo shoot with the club’s flag when ‘concerned locals’ reported that a group of suspicious looking men with beards were waving a black and white flag atop a local castle.  “Someone passing by on the highway thought that the flag resembled the ISIS flag,” one of the bearded crew, Andreas Fransson said on his Facebook page.

While the members of the group laughed off the incident at the time, they did later on mention the prejudice that bearded men face. “It’s the same with beards – each and every day you hear someone say you are a terrorist.”

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