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DJ Khaled has probably already taken over your social media with his incessant ‘motivational’ videos, sharing his keys to success. This has spawned many video compilations, memes, thinkpieces, and even some merchandise from the man himself (of course) but now you can have all these keys available to you on your desktop with the click of a button. Fan and web developer George Kedenburg III has gifted the world with They Don’t Want You To Win, an entire website dedicated to the many keys to success advised by Khaled during his recent crusade. It’s pretty simple, allowing you to uplift yourself with audio of the DJ’s inspirational quotes, by hitting the ‘Another One’ button as many times as is required to make you feel blessed up. It’s probably a fitting tool to use if you’re still winding up for the end of the year—just keep it open as a separate tab in your browser and hit Another One anytime you think you might be playing yourself. Check out the site here and follow Kedenburg III’s updates via Twitter.

Weekly updates