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As if this story needs any introduction, seriously. A brother, Cameron Beck and his half sister, Charlene Ellet who is adopted but shares the same mother, were arrested after Ellet was caught attempting to steal from their local Walmart. Beck tried to come to her rescue, but things took a turn for the worse when traces of methamphetamine were found in his car, and the pair were arrested for possession and were taken to the Montgomery County Jail.

Put into adjoining cells, authorities were surprised (to put it politely) to see the brother and sister duo kissing through the bars of their jail cell. Ellet confirmed the pair were in a sexual relationship after connecting with each other in relatively recent times, posting this on her Facebook page some time last year in relation to Cameron Beck, her brother, wait, boyfriend..but still brother…

“So was finally able to talk to my bro. havent seen or talked to him in 20 yrs … cant believe how alike we r … practically twins!!! Family is all we got in the end!!”

Ellet and her two-year old twins were sharing a room at a local motel with Beck after his release from jail, saying they kept their relationship a secret from the kids by keeping their frisky relations confined to the bathroom.

The bro/sis/- bf/gf were held in the Montgomery County Jail on charges for drug possession as well as prohibited sexual conduct.

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Adriana Barro