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Like many Melburnians, I eat out a lot. Because it’s convenient. Because we’re spoilt for choice. And also because I hate grocery shopping and doing dishes. Despite this lack of desire to ‘adult’, there are some things I still can’t bring myself to do. Like pay for toast at a café. If anything, I should still be able to do that for myself.

But this is Melbourne, the city where every niche and nuance is catered to. And now it looks like we’re home to two spots that champion toast as their prime menu item.

Maillard Toast & Espresso Bar, a little establishment in Fitzroy North, has just opened with the promise of supplying quality carbs and coffee (and soon, booze apparently). Obviously, this won’t just be your average Tip Top-and-Vegemite fare with bruschetta-esque toppings and fancy spread combos on deck. Maillard joins the likes of Crompton Coffee in Richmond, where bread and butter has been their bread-and-butter for about six months now.

Is this town big enough for the both of them? Only time will tell.

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