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Warren Elsmore is a professional LEGO artist and author (they exist) who’s earned his stripes within the LEGO community (comprising mainly of the nerdiest dads imaginable) for previous releases including Brick City, a celebration of the worlds’ architecture and Brick Wonders, ancient, natural and modern marvels in LEGO. When he’s not making books, Warren spends his time building massive LEGO models at expo’s around the globe, speaking at international conferences and exhibiting displays to VIPs and royalty.

His latest release, Brick Flicks, is a toast to the big screen through its recreation of sixty iconic movie scenes and posters from one of the earliest colour films The Wizard of Oz right up to the computer-generated imagery of The Life of Pi.

Brick Flicks is available via Amazon for about £11 if that’s your thang ya big nerd!

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