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Check out this clip of Heath Ledger at Burning Man from upcoming biopic

Featuring a tiny sunglasses, bandana-wearing Heath (aka the best Heath)

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Despite it being almost a decade since Heath Ledger died, it seems that we’re all still pretty bummed about it. Easily one of the most revered actors Australia’s produced, maybe ever, Ledger was blessed with the unique combination of being both extremely talented and extremely charismatic (not to mention extremely funny.) Luckily for all those craving a fresh influx of Heath content, a new documentary is on the way that promises to show a side of the actor we haven’t seen before. I Am Heath Ledger features a mix of home movies, many filmed by Ledger himself, and talking head interviews and the short teaser video that’s just been released shows Ledger and his friends playing around with a camcorder while on their way to Burning Man—“Heath’s favourite place on Earth”, according to his friend. Have a watch, take in Heath’s incredible combination of purple bandana and tiny purple sunglasses and make sure to check your local listings for the limited cinema screenings across Australia. It’s almost guaranteed to serve as a reminder of just how much you miss seeing his face on the screen.

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