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Weekly updates

“A lot of people who smoke (tobacco) cigarettes have tried our products, and they like that it’s the same feeling — the way it fits between your fingers and how you smoke it and flick it,” said Cranfords chief operating officer Chris Connors in a recent interview with The Canabist. He went on to explain, “but there’s no tobacco in there. It’s all marijuana, so they’ll definitely make you feel differently than a regular cigarette.”…Smoko just got extended kids.

Cranfords Cannabis Cigarettes have been sold throughout the great state of Colorado since March and are expected to soon franchise into California and Connecticut. The additive and chemical free, filtered tip cigarettes comprise of a complex blend of 100 milligrams of cannabis and… that’s it.

Somehow we doubt that our free-thinking PM will be getting on board the legalisation bandwagon any time soon but here’s some friendly advice for first time smokers via the Cranfords website… “we recommend that you are in an enjoyable setting and have a healthy snack and some of your favorite music standing by.”

Can do Cranfords, can do.