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Weekly updates

What are these dudes smoking? Meet Chris “Bud” Wilson, proclaimed “biggest hitter in the world” by the man who sponsors him to be a ‘professional vaper’. I’m not even trying to troll guys – this is a thing.

There is a growing subculture of ‘vapers’ who meet up at sponsored competitions to see who can blow the biggest ‘clouds’ and they are gatdamn serious about it too. One of the venue owners even said it was doing “what skateboarding was doing 20 years ago.” … Right. I feel like this a little like those Cyber-goth dance party things, except where those were to scare kids from doing PCP, vaping might hang from the puppet strings of some Christian organisation on a quest to make kids quit ripping bongs.

They have moves like the “the push” and modifications to change the resistance of their atomisers to enable bigger clouds. There’s a how-to video but I’m not going to include it because I don’t want you to blow your face off. You can however indulge your curiosity with Mashable’s insightful video above about the Z-Boys of vaping.


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