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It has been confirmed! The X-Files are coming back!

After eleven years, over 200 episodes, nine seasons, 16 Emmy Awards and five Golden Globes, the X-Files came to an end in 2002. Since it began in 1993, it has taken a place as one of the most popular and successful cult science fiction series ever.xfiles-tweet01

David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have both confirmed that they will be reprising their roles as agents Mulder and Scully for the the new six part series, which is set to begin filming in winter this year (summer if you’re in the US). The project will be produced by Fox and creator Chris Carter will be returning to the shown in some form.

To prepare for the eventual release of the new series its probably time that you start watching it again from the beginning, though unfortunately it is not available on Netflix Australia (yet!).


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