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Weekly updates

The 26 countries searching for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight can rest easy. Courtney Love has joined the hunt!

Officials have been unable to locate the plane since it’s mysterious disappearance 12 days ago. The tragedy has gripped global audiences and conspiracy theories have placed the blame on everything from hijackers to aliens.

With international search efforts now involving dozens of satellites, boats and aircraft, the search party may have just found its biggest helping hand in the ageing rockstar… Taking to Twitter, Love claims to have found the plane using images from tomnod.com, a crowd-sourcing site set up to assist in the search using satellite imagery.

Posting a blurry image of a patch of ocean near Palau Purek, complete with hand drawn annotations pointing to what appears to be absolutely nothing, helpfully labelled as “plane” and “oil”, Love tweeted, “I’m no expert but up close this does look like a plane and an oil slick”. Correct Courtney, you are definitely no expert…