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Weekly updates

Domino’s have decided to up the pizza delivery game once again creating the DXP, the most ludicrous but impressive delivery car to exist. Domino’s has partnered with GM, Roush and Local Motors to create the DXP, which is based on a Chevrolet Spark but with some minor adjustments.

The interior will be able to hold up to 80 pizzas and accommodate your drinks, wings and other eating utensils. But the most important feature is behind the driver’s seat, a warming oven. An oven? Never will you have to worry about your pizza going cold.

According to The Detroit News the DXPs will be available to purchase by franchises for $25,000 in major US cities over the next three months, with 100 planned to be built. Fingers crossed the DXPs make it to Australia, because who wouldn’t want their pizzas delivered literally straight from the oven?

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