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Domino’s NZ is trialling drone delivery

It's a bird, it's a plane, no it's my pepperoni pizza

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It’s safe to say a lot of people imagined the 21st century would offer everything Back to the Future envisioned, and a lot of those people were quite disappointed when hover cars and hydrating pizzas never actually became a thing. Whilst the idea of mini pizzas heating up to a large size in seconds sounds pretty great, what’s even cooler is that our friends in New Zealand might actually be receiving their pizza deliveries via the sky.

Domino’s in NZ have teamed up with drone delivery service Flirtey to create the first ever commercial drone delivery service in the world. Dubbed DRU drone, Domino’s hope to use this innovative technology to assist with the high demands of delivery. They say it is capable of delivering much faster than traditional methods as DRU Drone can bypass all traffic and geographic restrictions. DRU Drone also uses cutting edge technology by incorporating military grade autopilot and encrypted communications into its design to ensure the safety of the drone and the public.

Whilst it seems like a crazy futuristic idea, it is still very much in its planning stages with Domino’s still waiting approval from the Civil Aviation Authority to conduct commercial trials. They have, however, scheduled trials for the end of the year and hope that this innovative method of delivery will hit the market very soon. Domino’s managing director, Don Miej, believes that ‘this is the future’ and we couldn’t agree more with him. Check out the test run in the gallery above.

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