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Weekly updates

The Doom Guy is back from the depths of hell and looks like he’s chasing the title of thirstiest space marine on Phobos.

He’s brought his icy stare to the galaxy, throwing shade in the face of Cacodemons whilst swapping the infamous chainsaw for a telescopic selfie stick.

The chase for Insta gains reigns supreme.

InstaDoom creator Andrew Stine, who uses the name ‘Linguica’ co-founded the forum Doomworld in 1998, a site that would become the birthplace for updates and modifications relating to the game.

The InstaDoom modification lets you play the game, along with the ability to apply 37 Instagram-inspired filters to the game’s imagery once the selfie stick is found.

Then when you’re vanquishing hordes of demons, or you feel like your eyebrows on fleek, you can capture every moment.

Christopher Thompson