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Weekly updates

While they may have announced that there’s a working hoverboard prototype this week, this is the future that we’ve all been waiting for. A UK Kickstarter team are asking for backing for “The World’s First Grilled Cheese Sandwich Subscription” with the cute moniker of “Cheese Posties”. The team, Dave and Danny, have only asked for £2000 (about $4100AU) as their first goal, and with quite a few days to go, they’re looking to be in very good stead to stack a heap more cheese than that.

The service promises that UK subscribers willing to pay the £3.99 ($8AU) weekly fee will be able to check their mail and discover the ingredients for “a different mouth-watering melting combo made up of artisan breads, fine cheeses and condiments all immortalised on a collectable top trumps card”. The “Cheese Posties” subscription boasts free postage for each delivery, and is guaranteed to fit in a letter box, so you barely have to leave the house for your next fix.

If you’re willing to pledge £5000 ($10,200AU) to their fund, you can be “lowered into a vat of melted cheese, rolled in breadcrumbs and dipped in marinara sauce before being taken to a west-end musical of your choice and spending the night at the prestigious Dorchester Hotel”, a cheese dream of many a connoisseur to be sure.

While the service won’t initially be available overseas, Dave and Danny are open to the idea of a global service, with the team suggesting that drones could be a possibility–what a world we live in. We can only hope they’re able to get Kraft Punk on board as the mascot for this one. Make a donation here, and check out what the guys are offering in the gallery above.


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