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You know how frustrating it is to call a hotline, only to have to respond to a monotone machine? Well imagine your frustration going into a store and having to deal with a robot. Softbank, a Japanese telecommunications provider, has recently introduced a number of the ‘Pepper’ robots into their Japanese branches in order to automate some some simple processes. This robot, is being labelled by its manufacturers as “the first robot in the world to read emotions”. Well it seems to have failed its first test, clearly NOT being able to read the emotions of one particular customer.

Kiichi Ishikawa from Yokosuka has been arrested for kicking a ‘Pepper’ robot in a Softbank store. It has been alleged that he entered the store in an intoxicated state and was annoyed by a (human) store clerk. Ishikawa has then kicked the $1,600 robot with such force that the ‘friendly’ robot may have to be retired forever. It is unsure if the robot has sensed Ishikawa’s distress after dealing with the human store clerk, and has tried to offer some support or comfort or if it was its imposing stare and joyful stance that has pushed the Japanese man over the edge. Crossing our fingers that footage will come out from the attack.

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