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Weekly updates

On Monday morning, a man crashed a DJI Phantom Drone into the White House. It has since been revealed that the man told Secret Service investigators he was under the influence while piloting the unmanned aircraft. Reportedly, the man lost control of his friend’s drone, and then went to bed concerned if it was still airborne, or if not, where it had landed.

The incident has raised new concerns for regulating domestic drones. In an interview with CNN, President Obama (who wasn’t in the White House at the time of the crash) said he has since urged the FAA and other federal agencies to examine the management of domestic drones, in an attempt to ensure they aren’t, “dangerous and that they’re not violating people’s privacy.”

Flying under the influence of drugs and alcohol is prohibited by the FAA, but there is also no test or licensing required to purchase a domestic drones, such as the DJI Phantom. The FAA has also released this helpful video to express caution while operating domestic drones. Check it out above.