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Halloween is fast-approaching and if you’re looking for an alternative to the tired old costumes – vampire, zombie, sexy anything – then this might be your saviour. Emoji Masks are exactly what you expect them to be, your favourite emoji faces made into life-sized masks. Even though there are only five of the numerous faces available, I would put money on most of these being in your most recently used emojis (two out of five for me) – Grin Emoji, Heart Eyes Emoji, Poop Emoji, Smile Emoji and Sly Guy Emoji aka Sus Face. Not sure if this means you can get away with not using words for the entire night [prayer hands] but it’s certainly an easy way to ensure a body-paint free Halloween 2014. Plus they’re only $5 each, so there won’t be any of this:


Take a look at the masks in our gallery above and head to Emoji Masks online for more info.

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