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Event: Sydney – Large Professor and Lord Finesse in-store appearance at Butter, April 14

Get a glimpse of the hip-hop legends at the Surry Hills concept bar tonight

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Hip-hop legends Large Professor and Lord Finesse are making their way around the country right now, and will be Sydney tonight for all those wanting to get a dose of old-school rap. And if you’re looking to get a little more up-close-and-personal with the duo, they’re going to be making an in-store appearance at Surry Hills bar / restaurant /sneaker spot Butter before the gig. So if you’re in Sydney, and haven’t made dinner plans, you can grab your meal with a side serving of hip-hop history.

For the uninitiated, Butter Sydney opened its doors this year, serving up fried chicken, champagne, and other delicious options, including sneakers by consignment. See more about the bar here and check out details of Large Pro and Lord Finesse’s visit below.

Large Pro and Lord Finesse at Butter

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