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If you missed the Taiwanese animation of this year’s Australian leadership spill from a few months ago, please go and acquaint yourself with what is quite possibly the greatest piece of political reporting since Watergate. The video broke down all the complex aspects of the spill, depicting Sims-like versions of Abbott, Turnbull, Gillard and Rudd getting into fist-fights, battling each other on top of a helicopter (a stunning Bronwyn Bishop reference), and a scarily plausible scene of our new Prime Minister literally diving into a pile of money.

The group of animators that made the hilarious and actually pretty informative video, Taiwanese News Media Animation, is back with another instalment – this time tackling the topic of Barack Obama’s apology to the head of Doctors Without Borders, Dr Joanne Liu, after the US bombed one of their hospitals in Afghanistan.

Obama has already announced that the US was in the process of launching a transparent investigation into the incident, but Dr Liu is reportedly wanting Obama to consent to an independent investigation by the International Humanitarian Fact Finding Commission (IHFCC). However, neither the US nor Afghanistan are among the 76 countries that recognise the IHFCC – making an investigation unlikely.

The video is full of bizarre imagery, such as a doctor attempting to literally probe the President, a Sherlock Holme’s-style private sleuth (complete with magnifying glass), as well as Obama’s men throwing a piano on Dr Liu and then preceding to jump on it. It would actually be pretty funny, if the subject matter wasn’t so grave.

It’s a pretty crazy video, and you can probably assume the real interaction between Obama and Liu hasn’t been quite so frenzied or violent. You can check it out in the gallery above, and while you’re there, have a look at some of the group’s other masterpieces.

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