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Natalie Amyot is a French tourist, who is desperately seeking your help. In a video posted to YouTube, which currently sits at just under 5000 views, Natalie explains that she’s trying to find a guy that she met at O’Malley’s in Mooloolaba, on the Sunshine Coast. The man is the alleged father of her child, and she rightfully wants to catch up with him, having lost her phone with his number upon her return home. She even mentions that their chance meeting was “love at first sight”. Aw.

He’s apparently 6 foot tall, tanned, with blue eyes and blonde hair–if he’s living on the Sunshine Coast, we wish her all the luck finding that needle in a haystack. While we get the sneaking suspicion that this could be a viral experiment or potentially promotion for prophylactic products, if it is legit it’s a tad touching. If you’d like to help her out, share her video or this post, or check out the Facebook profile she’s set up to make contact here. Check out the video for yourself in the gallery above.

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