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When I first laid eyes on this product I thought, this can’t be real. But I was wrong,
it’s as real as it gets.¬†Introducing, what could very likely be the end of a 5000 year face-cutting, irritating, razor blade streak. The Skarp, a laser shaver which is both incredibly cool and practical.

Imagine getting up in the morning, opening your bathroom cupboard, only to see a razor so slick and smooth that you just can’t even help but imagine how exquisite it’ll make your face feel… or legs or whatever. This is a revolution, the laser literally melts your hair away.

This is a Kickstarter project but from what I can see they reached their goal just 48 hours after posting it up, matter fact, they’ve now surpassed their goal by nearly one million dollars. Nice one Skarp Technologies. Check out their Kickstarter page here, and view some imagery in the gallery above.

Jarman Cutrona

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