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Weekly updates

And the Game of Thrones pop culture phenomenon rolls on. Telltale Games has officially announced that it will be working on an ‘episodic game series’ based on the smash book-turned-television show, to be released next year.

The developers have already cemented their reputation in narrative driven games with the success of past titles The Walking Dead, Borderlands and Jurassic Park, so surely gamers and GoT-ers will be reserving some very high expectations for this partnership. I wonder if it’ll be anything like GTA V and give you the option to hit up the medieval fantasy version of the strip club – I mean, if they’re gonna stay true to the show then…

No indication of when exactly in 2014 we can expect to see the Game of Thrones game on shelves but, as always, we’ll be keeping you updated.


— Telltale Games (@telltalegames) December 8, 2013