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Weekly updates

Here’s another installment from the would be pages of Staple Mag for you. This one being a little check out with Perth’s biggest larker.

Photo: Garth Mariano

Glenn is one of those cats who seems to have spent more time on the planet than his years allow for. Even his skateboarding reeks of decades of deftly honed control. Aside from skating Glenn is a culturally aware creature who lives for music, photography and many forms of art.

How did the tumultuous relationship with the rolling board begin?

My oldest brother was into skating when I was still quite young. He’s eight years older than me so I was into what ever he was into really. He always had boards around the house and one skate video “Color” is still one of my favourites today. We spent a lot of time skating out the front of our house in Willetton. We had a nice little driveway and hill combo to skate and later on some fun schools and street spots. Once my brother got his license he would sometimes let me tag along with his mates to Vertigo too.

Steppin’ down to step up: crook bonk at stocky (Photo: Leigh Barlow)

Have you travelled lately?

Spent a few months in the states last year a month in NY and hung out in SF for a bit and drove up to Oregon to skate some of the concrete parks, stoked I got to skate Burnside! I finished the trip in Seattle.

What you been up to aside from rolling on the old sled?

Lately I’ve been doing quite a bit of art again, making some stuff that I’ve been selling in the (Beyond) city store, which has been good. Shooting photos still quite a bit but I’ve got a backlog of film to get processed so that’s been slowing me down a little. Playing a lot of music, the band’s coming back together which I’m really psyched about doing and I’ve been slowly building a new guitar for myself, which has been a really fun new project.

stylish lords push whilst hulk hogan looks on (Photo: Garth Mariano)
What have you been playing?

I play guitar mostly and a bit of keyboard and have been getting into playing bass a bit lately too. I like to be able to start a song really nice and pretty and get it to the point where we can get a little bit gnarly and make some weird noise I guess I’ve getting into the heavier side of things a bit more lately me and Jim (Hensby) just like to go craze when we jam.

What kind of terrain do you live for?

I’m all for skating everything, I really like skating transition, but I’ve been skating mostly street lately, they just re-paved a lot of the city so there’s just so much to skate right now!

Thirsty? nah. i’ll just ollie it (Photo: Garth Mariano)

What kinds of arrangements inspire you to take a photo?

I like portraits a lot and taking photos of people’s day to day lives, and their spaces. It’s a little hard to explain but I’m all for natural photos. It normally takes me a while to go through a roll; I’m really quite picky about what I shoot these days.

(Photo: Garth Mariano)