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Weekly updates

Penny-style cruisers and all over graphic prints have been ubituious trends over the last twelve months. So what happens when you combine the two? *EXPLOSION SOUND EFFECT* Looks like Globe is about to find out as they have just dropped their successful Bantam model in a new all-over patterned plastic design. Smaller and lighter than the original Bantam and featuring Globe’s trademark S-Trac deck, a swallow tail and the same lifetime guaranteed Slant trucks that come standard on all Globe cruiserboards. Available in Leopard, Camo, Green Kona, Grandma’s Couch, Walnut & Zebra, it’s available from skate stores now. Watch the fashion kids lose their shit in 3, 2, 1 *EXPLOSION SOUND EFFECT*. Sorry, can’t stop using that sound effect.

RRP: $149.99
Size: 23” x 6”
Construction: Plastic
Concave: None, gradual kick tail
Trucks: 3.5” Slant
Wheels: 59mm 83A