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Weekly updates

The award season is here and the Golden Globes are in full swing. This year, the organisers have taken to Vine (yep, people still use that thing) to give us an alternate view of the stars on the red carpet. The 360-degree experience is actually pretty entertaining and invites celebs into a ‘booth’ that has a continuously circling camera, capturing the subjects in their every-angle awesomeness.

Some that have already stepped into the mix include the always-gorgeous Zoe Saldana, Mike Tyson not trying to feel awkward and Usher, who ended up wearing the same jacket as the Today Show’s Al Roker (shame), albeit sporting a very dazzling brooch. The winner though, as is becoming an increasing trend, was Terry Crews, making full use of the 360 experience and , once again, cutting some serious shapes. Check out some of our faves below, or head to the Golden Globes’ official Vine account for more.