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A short while ago film-making god Harmony Korine sat down with Patrick O’Dell for an exclusive interview. If you only know him as the guy who wrote Spring Breakers, you’re in for a real treat. I’d argue most people only know Korine for his films and that’s no feat. However he’s also been skating since forever and started for the right reasons. He spoke to Purple about that, meeting Gonz at age 13 and other life shit.

On how he got into skating:

“I’ll tell you exactly, skating is kind of this thing that comes into your life and it saves your life. It changes your whole perspective on things and you never look the world the same way again. It was a different time back then and it was more like obviously pre-internet and pre-cell phones.”

On basing Gummo in Xenia, influenced by Alien Workshop:

“Memory Screen was a huge influence on me at that time. I wrote Kids when I was 19, I made Gummo when I was maybe 22. So I was just out of high school a couple years and that video was my favorite… Memory Screen was such a big deal for me. The weirdness of it was so close to how I grew up.”


On skating at 40:

“I do skate but I hate sucking, you know? …I’m like 40 now, I have kids, what am I gonna break my wrist? I still skate, but quit skating like I used to. It’s a hard thing to quit. You just look at things differently forever after.”

Feeling good now?


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