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Time‘s Person of the Year poll is basically worth less than a Gold Logie at this point. In 2009, 4chan famously hacked the People’s Choice award to give their god-like leader Christopher Poole the title, in 2012 another group of hackers trolled the polls to crown Kim Jong-un, and now another programmer is twerking things up by putting the most-talked about name on top of the 2013 list: Miley Cyrus.

In an must-read interview with Daily Dot, the programmer – who goes under the guise of Gains (do you even hack?) – gleans insight into the anarchistic brain of a hacking mastermind. Gains goes into the technical side of things, outlining the elaborate coding work that goes into an operation of this scale, the reason he’s doing it in the first place (spoiler: mostly because he has zero fucks to give), and why he’s going up against the now mainstream /b/s on 4chan.

At the time of his interview Miley was sitting back in fourth place, but now she’s firmly on top with 37.4% of the total vote leading Edward Snowden who’s coming in second on 17.2%. Meanwhile, last year’s winner Barack Obama sits on a measly 0.5%. He’s even getting beaten by Jimmy Fallon, which initially seems a bit puzzling until you realise Fallon hasn’t dropped a drone on anyone. Whoops.

Check out Gains’ full Daily Dot interview here.

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