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Weekly updates

‘Halloween Easter eggs’ – it sounds like Google is just confusing the holidays, but what it actually means is that the search engine giant is having a bit of fun for the upcoming holiday by changing the information in the search’s Knowledge Graph, that box of information on the top right of a search results page.

Words like ‘ghost’, ‘witch’, ‘skeleton’, ‘grim reaper’, ‘zombie’, ‘vampire’, ‘werewolf’ and ‘mummy’ all produce a number of interesting factoids like origin, grouping, food source, how to avoid and how to defeat.

My favourite is ‘Ghost’, which contains an amusing blunder. Under ‘how to defeat’, the team at Google suggest calling Peter Venkman and Randy Stantz – but, if you didn’t know already, a quick Google search would tell you that the character in the Ghostbusters series’ name is Ray, not Randy. I guess even Google isn’t perfect.

The amusing Halloween Easter Eggs are sure to be up for the next few days.

Matt Derody