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The ultimate meme-on-meme outfit made its way down the red carpet of the MTV Movie Awards last weekend. Grumpy Cat, who has made her way to global internet fame, was photographed wearing a miniature version of Pharrell’s infamous ‘Grammy hat’.

The frowning feline showed off her Pharrell-inspired hat at the awards as owner Tabatha Bundesen held her sourpuss up to the cameras. The original Pharrell hat, which the award-winning musician debuted at the 2014 Grammy Awards, was sold in February for more than $44,000 to Arby’s. Coincidently, the logo for Arby’s holding a significant resemblance to Pharrell’s hat.

It is unsure as to whether or not Grumpy Cat’s imitation of the hat won best-dressed or not, however there is no doubt the internet sensation was one of the most memorable from the red carpet.

The 2014 MTV Movie Awards took place Sunday night in Los Angeles, California.

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