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Weekly updates

Danny Way was the dude when I was a teenager. I started skating when I started high school in 2001, by that time Danny had already established his name in the skateboarding world by throwing himself out of helicopters and other crazy shit.

But it was during the 00’s that Danny really started to go H.A.M. on a whole different level. It seemed like every year (after a quick wiki search it was in fact every year) he kept breaking his own records by airing further and higher than anyone else ever had on a skateboard, where the hype eventually hit it’s climax when he cleared a wide section of the Great Wall of China. He pushed the boundaries on what can be done on a skateboard, empowering skateboarding burnouts like my group of friends to skate harder, push faster and dream higher, proving anything is possible if you had a big set of kahunas.

So it’s his birthday today, so to mark the occasion here’s the trailer for his newly released Waiting For Lightning that’s been doing the festival rounds right now. Hopefully there will be a screening organised for this down under soon. Happy birthday Danny!