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Weekly updates

To be honest, I was a little underwhelmed with the recent announcement of 250 new emoji, which are sure to hit your phone keyboards soon. Mainly because of the lack of, what I constantly refer to as, Madagascar animals (I mean, you can have two different types of camels but no lions, zebras, giraffes OR hippos? I need hippos man). ANYWAY, lucky for us, the enterprising folk at Hi-Art have just released their very own sticker/emoji app today, offering up an array of more creative (and relevant) options for your wordless communication.

Not only that, these stickers have been curated by some of their high-profile mates, including Ghostface Killah, Ron English, Seventh Letter and Claw Money, among others. Word is the crew is also in the works on future collections with the likes of Fool’s Gold, Steve ‘ESPO’ Powers and Va$htie. While the app itself is available for free via iTunes app store now, a few of the sticker packs require purchase prior to use. However, I would definitely pay to finally be able to express ‘prayer hands with Ghost diamond-encrusted knuckleduster.’ Check out some of GFK’s stickers above.