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Weekly updates

This is awesome. Early Sunday morning, Michigan State Police responded to a high speed pursuit after a vehicle sped away from officers in Lucas County.

After around 40km of pursuit and reaching speeds of up to 180km/h, the suspect finally lost control of his vehicle and rolled several times before coming to rest in a ditch next to the highway.

When officers approached the vehicle (undoubtedly wielding weapons and barking instructions rather than checking the drivers wellbeing) the suspect appeared to be unscathed. However instead of stepping out of the vehicle and having his arms wrenched in directions they shouldn’t be and probably receiving several knees to the back and head, the suspect pulled out a bong and began ripping a cone while the officers attempted to break in the window (because they couldn’t just wait).

While in no way do we condone the use of illicit substances when behind the wheel, this man has definitely been omitted into a hall of fame somewhere as well as succeeding in making a further mockery of a US institution that let’s be honest, deserves to be mocked at all possible opportunities.