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I have to admit, I’m pretty weak when it comes to scary movies. I kind of love watching them but will definitely suffer from some mad paranoia for days afterwards. So this event concept sounds like my worst nightmare. For the first time in Australia, a Horror Movie Campout is being staged, which basically means you and your mates pitch a tent in the woods, watch scary movies (The Exorcist is one of them)¬†and try not to die of fright when ‘live scare actors’ creep up on you randomly.

If you think that sounds like madness, think again because there’s obviously a market for it, with the Adelaide date already sold out. Melbourne scare fans can register for more information leading up to the date, which is set for some time in December this year in a “secret location” in Melbourne east. With tips like “a clean pair of underwear is advisable” and “have your Mummy on speed dial”, this immersive horror camping experience is obviously only for those with strong hearts and bladders.

Check out the event’s website for more info and sign up, if you’re game.

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