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Weekly updates

I don’t even need to think twice about how I would feel if I had to go five days without the internet. I left my laptop at a friend’s place over the weekend and even though I still had my phone, not being able to watch TV online in itself was enough to drive me into an existential crisis. I know, I’m sad. I realised that hard that weekend.

Seriously though, it is a little scary how much we rely on our little web-connected devices and I sometimes question what the fuck I am doing with my life when I realise I’ve spent the first 90 minutes of my day scrolling through my various social media accounts. And when was the unspoken law passed down that it was ok for your brother/girlfriend/great-uncle to be on their phone during the majority of your time together. I feel like we would probably benefit from experiencing life, unplugged, at least for a little while.

Creative agency Mother London challenged five internet addicts to switch off their connections for five days and filmed their physical and emotional reactions to the online withdrawal.

Funnily enough, the findings are probably what we would all expect from turning off our digital selves and being stuck with our IRL personalities. The participants obviously feel some sort of FOMO but ultimately find actual happiness and relaxation through real-life physical interactions with their loved ones, getting back to nature and essentially not being a narcissistic, self-involved show pony. It’s actually kinda profound.

Take a look at the full documentary above.