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Each year Thrasher mag runs a comp and names a Skater of the Year. It’s kind of a big deal. Despite the fact that they take votes from the public – whom you can never trust – just like you, I trust anything skate that comes from Thrasher. Anything. This year Ishod Wair has taken the throne.

Lucky I never had a chance at being a professional skater or again, I’d be really depressed today knowing that Wair is younger than me. At 22 years old, the New Jersey born skater currently rides for Nike SB, Real and Fourstar. It was probably his video part in the Nike SB Chronicles Vol. 2 that made you first notice him. And I mean really notice him and think “holy fucking shit, who is that!!!”

Well that was just the 2013 Skater of The Year is what you can tell yourself now.
Refresh your memory above.

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