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Weekly updates

It seems Little Missy Piggy and Sam The Eagle had a secret affair back in the late eighties, the product of which is now a source of contention in the Middle East (as if they don’t already have enough).

The unidentified purple figure is currently residing in Israel (and possibly facing extradition) where women seem to have a fetish for that kinda thing. He’s come under scrutiny in the nations tabloids after sleeping with what appear to be the majority of the nation’s most attractive women.

One such biddy, is former Leonardo Dicaprio girlfriend, Bar Refaeli; the star of a recent commercial for Hoodies boxer briefs alongside aforementioned Muppets love-child. Long story short the commercial was banned from Israeli daytime TV for being too sexy. “Too many sexual insinuations,” commented the Israeli version of the FCC.

Whaaaaaaaaaa… if Puppets can’t bang swimsuit models, what hope is there for the rest of us mere mortals?

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