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What does it feel like to be seduced by James Franco? A question I’m sure many 17-year-olds and older (and myself) have asked themselves before. Lucy, a 17-year-old girl from a small town in Scotland found out. Sort of.

The two allegedly met in New York outside his Broadway show, Of Mice and Men and somehow in that brief encounter, Instagram usernames were swapped. As you do. From there a private messaging session began where Franco asked her if she had a boyfriend and proceeded to invite her to a hotel room. While most girls would jump in a cab straight away, Lucy was skeptical and asked him to prove it.

Though turns out if you ask too many questions, you kill the buzz, girls.

Whether you believe this textual interaction above is legit or simply a publicity stunt for Franco’s upcoming movie Palo Alto, I’m quite certain this is the shit Instagram private messaging was made for.

Franco’s response to all the internet’s negative judgements –


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