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Japan’s floating hotel is the ultimate in super luxe accommodation

Taking the hotel experience to all new levels

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Ever dreamed of staying in a luxury hotel that’s actually floating in the middle of Japan’s Setouchi inland sea? While the answer is probably no, it certainly sounds like a great novelty choice of accommodation. New Japanese hotel Guntu is a substantial hotel vessel that has 19 guest rooms, a café, lounge, sushi bar, bar, gym and a traditional Japanese bath, and if the experience of a floating hotel isn’t exciting enough for you, you’re also able to explore a selection of islands using boats that will ferry guests back and forth. At approximately $2,700 USD per night, it’s certainly no Budget Inn, but that price does include meals, activities and your own pretty mind-blowing view. Plus, what’s more grammable than being on a hotel that is literally floating in the middle of the sea? Pretty sure if you spend that much on a room you’re almost obligated to rub the experience in your friends faces via social media. Check out the selection of photos above and if you’re feeling flush head to Guntu’s official website to learn more.

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