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Weekly updates

Losing your phone is up there in the top worst things to ever happen to someone in the first world. I don’t think a day goes by without someone on my Facebook timeline appealing for everyone’s numbers after losing another phone (though I feel that might sometimes be a cheap ploy for that hottie’s contact details).

Personally, I’d be more worried about any incriminating or embarrassing texts, photos, memos, which (don’t lie) we all have stored in that little metal box. And with all this Snapchat, sexting, Tindr business, I can guarantee everyone’s got a dick pic or nude selfie they wouldn’t want some random to be ogling or forwarding on.

Well, over the last 24 hours, this person was Courtney Love. And the guy that found her phone in a New York cab was a journalist. But, luckily, also a nice dude. Instead of trolling through its contents (which was apparently impossible anyway), or selling it on to some other tabloid (we see you Gawker), Frank Bruni of the New York Times got in contact with the ‘90s wild child’s management and returned the phone.

Twitter has gifted us with the real-time exchange between the two parties, which you can see below, and has now made me hella curious about what those ‘dirty pics’ might have included. If Frank really is the good Samaritan he purports to be, we’ll probably never see them, but you can get his recap of the events in this article for the Daily Intelligencer.