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When you’re a global brand/international super couple, the last thing you need at your wedding is an all-in brawl involving the entire staff of French Vogue. Unfortunately for Kimye, behind every A-lister on their guest list are two B-listers with obscure beef. As suspense builds for the royal wedding 2k14, thought to be taking place this weekend, Jezebel has pitched in and leant a hand, designing a reception seating plan that ought to stop things getting Wild in the Church (sorry).

Keeping Yoncé from Rachel Roy, French Montana from Trina and Joe Francis from everyone, will require a fair bit of strategical guest reshuffling, particularly as speculators predict the wedding will span two countries: being held between a Parisian estate and a castle in Florence. Although, with a rehearsal dinner which costs as much as a house, surely not even Jay Z glaring at Mos Def  across the table could spoil your evening.

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