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Weekly updates

When new cryptocurrency Coinye was announced, there was initially no comment from the altcoin’s namesake. Obviously that wasn’t going to last long. Kanye West (and his legal team) has now come out and said (surprise) that he does not want to be affiliated with the project and issued a cease-and-desist letter to its creators.

He really should have known better to try and shut down a group of people who have taken his personality as such a source of inspiration. And true to their namesake, the Coinye team completely disregarded the order and instead launched the currency three days earlier than announced. It still seems to be running now, so we’ll see how hard Yeezy will go in on stomping these guys out. According to the Wall Street Journal, his attorney Brad Rose, the rapper is also prepared to “pursue all legal remedies against any business that accepts the purported Coinye West currency.”

Join the resistance here (and yes, that is an Indian domain. These guys are serious).