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With recent studies revealing the anxiety curing benefits of LSD and the rapid de-criminalisation of weed across the US and rest of the world, it seems ketamine has been feeling left out. But now the horse tranquilliser, usually reserved for ravers and dark, sweaty gay-clubs is findings its way to the light.

Clinical trials of of ketamine’s depression fighting capabilities conducted in the UK and US have produced promising results, showing the drug to be 70% effective in rapidly easing treatment-resistant depression.

Speaking to the BBC, lead researcher Dr Rupert McShane said, “It really is dramatic for some people, it’s a really wonderful thing to see. The patients say ‘ah this is how I used to think’ and the relatives say ‘we’ve got x back’.”

Among those who responded, the benefits lasted anywhere between one and several months. However, ketamine is still a long way off being prescribed by you local doctor. Soz. Despite overwhelmingly positive results, the team have been unable to maintain a defined response period to the treatment.


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