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Kim Kardashian can add another achievement to her name — 2016 Webby Break the Internet Award Winner. When you hear the phrase ‘break the Internet’, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t instantly think of one of Kim Kardashian’s selfies — nude or not.

Now, she is being awarded for using her online presence as a platform to publicise her life, draw on global attention through her selfies, fashion or apps, and for creating a new form of celebrity, an internet sensation.

Webby describes the Break the Internet Award winner as “a person with an undeniable talent and natural ability to use the Internet to create buzz, engage with fans and communities, and get the world to pay attention”. Yep, they should just name the award after her.

Check out the above gallery of our selection of just some of the times Kim broke the internet.

  • Words: Monique Buccheri

Weekly updates