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Leica has been the king of cameras for quite some time now. They’ve previously focused all their attention on analogue and digital camera’s, perfecting the quality of images produced and style of the hand-held bodies. But now, for the first time ever, Leica have dived deep into the world that is instant cameras.

Dubbed Sofort, the square compact camera, could potentially be the best one in the market. Leica has incorporated some of their best known features including several modes such as automatic, party + people, sports action and even a macro. There’s no longer a need to worry about wasting film because no matter the situation, these settings cover all the grounds and will have you shooting perfect shots every time.

Not only have they considered all situations, but they’ve also taken into consideration the modern person when creating this beauty. Like it or not, selfies are a big part of our current culture so why should all those selfie enthusiasts only be bound to digital front-facing cameras? Leica wanted them to enjoy the simplicity of a polaroid camera, and so have even included a mirror at the front of the body so you can get the perfect snap of yourself. Along with this comes a self timer mode and multiple exposure.

Just when you thought a polaroid couldn’t get any better, Leica decided to chuck in a manual mode as well. A special edition for all those people who want to play around with the individual elements such as the focus or brightness.

It is expected to be released in November, and will come in three different colours, orange, mint or white. Leica also plans on releasing its own version of instant film which will be available in colour or monochrome.

And while this model sure looks as nice your expected Leica model, we’re anticipating that the price-point will be within that Leica ballpark as well. So it’s probably a good idea to start a kitty for when this one releases. Check out some of the images above and keep your eyes peeled for the official release.

Weekly updates