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Clinical trials coming out of Switzerland have joined a list of studies suggesting an acid trip could be the answer to all your problems (well not all…). But The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease found that patients under the influence of LSD whilst undergoing therapy experienced a 20% drop in stress and anxiety levels.

This doesn’t seem too crazy if you factor in that LSD was actually used extensively during the ‘50s and ‘60s in psychiatry as a cure for alcoholism, distress and chronic pains. While recent studies undertaken by the Harvard medical school have revealed a link between LSD and the relief of cluster headaches. Long since criminalised in the US, probably due to its recreational appeal, LSD may be making a come back into mainstream science.

The leading scientist of the study, Dr Peter Gasser, concluded that further tests done on larger samples is necessary to deduce any concrete findings. So don’t get too excited yet, there’s still a long way to go before medicinal acid stores start popping up.